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Optimizing AdWords Ad Clicks From Tablet Users

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Today Search Engine Land announced that in the next few months, our AdWords accounts will allow us to see performance differences from tablet users – breaking it out in the same way they do with mobile. Presently, when viewing the performance of your ads, tablet ad clicks are lumped in with desktop.

I am curious to see the differences in performance from tablet ad clicks. Google has officially stated for years that they do not see much difference between tablet and desktop ad clicks, but I wonder if that has changed now that portable device usage has skyrocketed, and devices have changed over time. Google has received a lot of pressure to break out the data from agencies, and finally the latest release of AdWords has that capability.

They will be rolling this out to accounts in the next few months, at which point we’ll be able to optimize the bids for tablet users, separately from mobile and desktop users. I see dramatic differences in campaigns when comparing mobile ad clicks to the desktop/tablet bucket of clicks. As a PPC Manager, I am extremely excited about this. It gives me another layer in which to optimize our Google AdWords ads. Often, changes to mobile bids cause significant improvement to a campaign. I can’t wait to have this control over bids on tablet users.


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