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3 Easy Ways To Better Mobile PPC

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If you use Google AdWords, chances are you are displaying ads to a significant percentage of people browsing search results on smartphones. After all, in 2020 the number of smartphone users is expected to be about 6.1 billion.  In some of my client’s campaign’s, as much as 60% of ad clicks can come from a user on a mobile device.

Trends In Mobile Paid Search

People who are browsing search results on smartphones view and react differently to ads compared to desktop users.  Understanding these key differences can help drive a better strategy for how you plan your Google AdWords campaigns. Sometimes displaying the same ads to a mobile user simply won’t work as well. Let’s examine why mobile users are different than desktop users. This might seem familiar as you think of how you use your smartphone…

1. They engage in search results when they are on the go – looking for location based information, such as recommendations, directions, or phone numbers.

2. Consumers price shop in the store from their phones, to check out if they can find a better deal elsewhere.

3. People search for, and download apps (maybe your app!)

These scenarios can provide great opportunities for advertisers. So, how can we maximize the way that we advertise to these people with Google AdWords? It can be a full time job in itself to optimize mobile ad clicks, but following these simple but important tips can really move the needle.

How To Improve Your Mobile AdWords Campaigns

Tip one: Create at least one “mobile only” ad in each ad group. This gives you the opportunity to present an ad that is designed to get the best response rate when displayed to mobile users. This really sets the stage for the next two recommendations on what your ad should entail…

Tip two: Make sure your website is mobile optimized, and link your “mobile only” ads to it. This really helps increase conversion rates. Have you ever clicked on a search listing while on your phone, only to browse through a garbled array of information? It only leads to frustration, and abandonment of the page (high bounce rates, ugh!)

Tip three: Customize your ad copy so that the call to action really speaks to people browsing on their phone. You can increase user engagement when you use a call to action like, “Call now to (insert desired conversion here) or Find Nearby Stores.”” For your display URL, take the liberty to let mobile users know that this listing was made for them. You can do this by adding “/phone” or “/mobile” at the end of your display URL.

Optimizing for mobile may seem daunting, but by taking action with these few key tips in your PPC campaigns, you’ll see an improvement quickly.

What is your favorite tactic for optimizing mobile traffic?

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